Cruzin On In

It’s the first of the old time car shows here in Central Oregon and this one over the weekend was pretty good. Lot’s of old Fords, Chevy’s, Roadrunners, Chargers, and even a 1969 Jaguar convertible. But these two cars sort of stuck out because of their unusualness. Here they are:

This is one “hot” Karman Ghia

In Memory of Carroll Shelby- A beautiful Shelby Cobra

Summer is coming so there will be lots of car shows coming along. I’ll try to photograph some of the more unusual cars for your viewing pleasure.

Take care.


Moon Shot

Taking pictures of the moon has never been one of my “great” accomplishments. I can never seem to get the right exposure. But I tried the other day when the full moon was out and about.



I was told to use a 300mm lens and lower the ISO to 100. Where I live, there is no ambient light anywhere to it’s pretty easy(?) to take these shots. Not as easy as one might expect. After nearly 50 shots, this is about all I could get. There is nothing in the atmosphere to dampen the brighteness of the moon here. I could have kept the ISO at 200 and shot the darn thing at 125sec and f-16.

Oh well, all you can do is try, and try, and . . . .


What Is This Thing?

I’ll bet that no one can name what this thing is. I’ll give you a hint – it’s in the State of Washington. Need some help? It’s near the Columbia River. Still can’t figure it out? Ok, it’s located in Stevenson, WA. How about now?

Ok, here it is . . .

It’s called a Sculuret! A what, you ask? Well that’s what the sign says it is. It’s in Stevenson, WA along the Columbia River at a park there. I’ve googled it and can find nothing about a “sculuret”. Must have been thought up by the artist. In any case, it’s unusual and somewhat pretty.

Hood River Oregon

Drove up to the Hood River area to take some area photographs as the weather was beautiful, it was warm, and I really needed to get out of the house and start taking photos again. Hood River Valley, which spans the north slope of Mt. Hood to the South shore of the Columbia River Gorge, is the largest pear-growing region in Oregon, producing 50% of the nations’ winter pear crop—with an abundance of cherry and apples as well. At this time of the year, it’s the Annual Blossom Festival and this year marks their 50th Anniversary. Unfortunately, most of the orchards haven’t blossomed yet but they’re getting pretty close. Most of the orchards I saw hadn’t bloomed yet but the opportunity of taking a picture in a pear orchard with Mt. Hood in the background was worth it.

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Part of my travels yesterday was to find remnants of the old Oregon Route 30 that was built in the early 1900’s and went from Astoria all the way to Nebraska and probably beyond. A friend of mine who is a surgeon also dabbles in photography and is putting together a photo essay about the old highway. It’s off and on again pavement is reminiscent of the famous Route 66.

But before I went off into exploring that area, I came across a unique site alongside the Hood River that looked like it came from Chernobyl, USSR. Very spooky to wander around this dilapidated and abandoned facility. Take a look . . . .

Can you find the Russian logo?

Well, what do you think? Could it have been a mill used in fruit milling? A lumber manufacturing plant because it’s next to the Hood River? Or is this Chernobyl?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               THE ANSWER MAY LIE RIGHT HERE,


Spring Festival

It’s labeled as the Bend Spring Festival and worth visiting. Couldn’t resist the “monkey business”.


And what’s a festival without food and entertainment? At least the napkins are a steal.


Not sure if the acrobat is performing or trying to get a better look of the mountains in the background.


Can’t wait for summer to get here. T-shirts and shorts – Yay

I’m With This Guy

Well since my last post lamenting about the lack of spring around here, things started to pick up with warmer temperatures. But that didn’t last long as yesterday afternoon, it began with thunder and lightning followed by snow. Yes, that ugly white stuff came again. And I took off the snow blade from the ATV over a week ago!

While taking Scooter out for his morning jaunt in the back area, the snow started again. And the forecast is for off and on again snow.

I think I’ll have a sip of what this guy is selling.

This is Spring? It’s March 31st for Goodness Sakes!!

Haven’t written anything for a couple of weeks because there hasn’t been much going on except rain. Which is rather unusual for this neck of the woods in Central Oregon. Almost similar to last year when winter hung around until May with lots of rain and snow up in the mountains.

Took the dog out around 8:30am and it was 42 degrees. Pleasant enough. Within an hour, the clouds opened up with rain, then slush, then a heavy blanket of snow. It’s still snowing three hours later!

I’m getting sort of sick and tired of taking photos with snow in them but what the heck, it’s supposed to be Springtime. I took this photo from the front porch.

And this photo was taken from my driveway looking at my “bird” tree. The face doesn’t seem to scare the birds away from the suet or feeder.

Well, not much more to say other than “Snow. Go Away”.  Talk with you all later.


P.S. It’s now 4 pm Pacific Daylight time. There is no evidence of snow around here whatsoever and the sun is out. You like crazy weather? Move to Central Oregon!!