About Me . . . .

Hi. My name is Dave Ryan and I’m pretty new to this blog stuff. I spent over 22 years in law enforcement then retired to become a fraud investigator with an insurance company for 13 years. One day while standing in my garage, I was approached by a woman who calmly said, “I want to buy your house.” Somewhat taken back, I threw out a ridiculous number and she said, “Ok”. Off to Central Oregon we went. That was in 2004.

Here I am 12 years later staring out the den window at beautiful cloudless skies. Of course, it’s only about 25 degrees out!! Oh well, I picked this silly place. At least there’s no snow around. It melted a week ago. None predicted for a couple of weeks.

But the story here is not about me but what I like to do and that is take pictures. I got into photography when I was in college, then as the years passed, it went away. Now, being retired and not much to do, I took up the camera again (DSLR of course) and started clicking away. Had to buy a new computer and big screen monitor to do the editing along with all the software that goes along with processing the photos, but it’s been pretty fun. Just wish the darn cold would go away. Even snow is warmer!!

So as time goes along and I get more proficient in this blog process, I hope to have lots of photos here for anyone and everyone to enjoy.


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