I did have the pleasure of having my brother and his wife visit us from California for a week. We took “full” advantage of the Ale Trail program which requires you to go to 10 local breweries and try their beers. Get your program stamped by them and pick up a gift from the Visitors Bureau. I probably drank more beer than I’ve drank in 20 years. I’m still waiting for a “Scotch Fest”!


Here’s a couple of pictures of some really sharp cars that were at the Redmond Harvest Run car show over the weekend. For a relatively small show, they had some really great old cars.


1936 De Soto grille


1936 De Soto Airflow in pristine condition


1940 Ford coupe


1953 Packard convertible


1960 Dodge Phoenix 2 door


Custom Willys








  1. Danudin says:

    Considering my post yesterday I hope you wereen’t driving these beauties along the Ale Trail. Don’t forget when your on the Scotch Fest, that it is only two weeks until the Highland Hoochananny, then a month until the Malt Mile. As Rene Decarte realized “I Drink – Therefore I AM!”

  2. John & Lois says:

    Neat cars . . . love the Willys

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