Summer in Portland

I had to make my semi-annual run over to Portland to meet with my oncologist the first of this week. I had a little time on Sunday to go around and shoot some photos of Portland’s downtown waterfront and surrounding areas. The weather was cool and breezy for this time of the year and the clouds were just about perfect.

Portland waterfront along the Williamette River

Northwest of Portland on the way to Astoria, Oregon, is a place called Sauvie Island. Most of the island is delegated to farming and a large segment is designated as a wildlife area. The mighty Columbia River passes along the northern shore providing beaches for the summertime visitors.

Strawberries are in season right now and there are numerous locations to either pick your own or buy them already to go. Corn is on the way.

Breezy afternoon on Sauvie Island

If you’re in the Portland neighborhood, you have to go over to the Eastside of Portland (that’s east of the Willamette River) and drive around the streets of Hawthorne, Burnside, Belmont, Woodstock, Stark, and others too many to mention. There are enough little hole in the wall restaurants to keep your appetites wetted for at least a month or so. I think it’s why the slogan for Portland is “Keep Portland Weird”. What an array of dining choices.

Guy Fierri of Diner’s, Drive-in’s, and Dive’s fame on the Food Network has shown at least two of these. Otto’s Sausages on Woodstock near Reed College and Pine State Bisquits on Belmont. I’ve been to Otto’s a few times and can attest to it’s greatness. This time I went to Pine State to try out their bisquits and gravy. I wasn’t disappointed. Try the Reggie if you go.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone will be enjoying the summer!


A Bright Shiny Day

Finally, a day that isn’t overcast and rainy. Perfect for a small car show. Especially if it’s old Porsches. (Maybe some newer ones, too.)

The 856 “Tub” Super


Original 912 owner. Not the doggy.


Not street legal


A handsome trio


Sun Spot

I had a terrible time with photographing the moon a month or so ago with it’s eclipse so I thought I’d give it a try with the Sun and Venus sliding across its face. Had better luck this go around.

Photographing the sun brings lots of challenges. Like what kind of filter do you use to look right into it? This first picture, I put three different kinds of neutral density filters together.

The next photo, I used an infrared filter that is so dark, you can hold it to the sun and look through it without the sun hurting your eyes. This is the first time I’ve ever used it. After buying it over the internet, I didn’t realize how dark it was and couldn’t find anything to use it with. I will now save it for sun shots!

So out of 60 photos, I had about 6 that showed little Venus covering the sun. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

See you all next time around!