Sunny Days?

Well, it’s been overcast, dreary, rainy, and very windy for the last several days. So windy that a tree snapped in front of my neighbor’s house and fell onto his roof. Nothing horrible, only cosmetic damage to the roof and front facade.

But, here we are just a couple of days from Memorial Day and they, the illustrious weathercasters (also known as Ouji board enthusiasts) have been predicting the possibility of snow this evening. It’s cold enough, about 39 degrees when the dog and I went to the mailbox.

I guess when it all clears up, I can get out and start taking photos with bright sunlight. Or least sunlight without benefit of overcast skies. In the meantime, I was meandering through some pictures in my collection and decided to maybe get a jump on those sunny days.


The 9th Tee at Crosswater Golf Club, Sunriver, Oregon


Alaskan Mountains near Hubbard Glacier


These photos have perked me up now. Hope they did for all of you as well if your day is cold, wet, and dreary. TTFN!





3 comments on “Sunny Days?

  1. danudin says:

    It is Winter Down Under – BUT – I live in The Sunshine State (Queensland) and Snow is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. Snow in Summer I would SACK those meteorologists – they don’t know what they are doing.

  2. John & Lois says:

    Gorgeous scenes!
    Hope you don’t get snow for Memorial Day.

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