What Is This Thing?

I’ll bet that no one can name what this thing is. I’ll give you a hint – it’s in the State of Washington. Need some help? It’s near the Columbia River. Still can’t figure it out? Ok, it’s located in Stevenson, WA. How about now?

Ok, here it is . . .

It’s called a Sculuret! A what, you ask? Well that’s what the sign says it is. It’s in Stevenson, WA along the Columbia River at a park there. I’ve googled it and can find nothing about a “sculuret”. Must have been thought up by the artist. In any case, it’s unusual and somewhat pretty.


8 comments on “What Is This Thing?

  1. John & Lois says:

    Unusual, somewhat pretty and wonderfully processed!

  2. danudin says:

    Is it a KransenWankel? or maybe a Whatcamacallit? I’ve never been to Washington!

  3. kim andrew says:

    Most interesting and I like the presentation. BTW, we’ve had 2 days of sunshine. Tonight we are being punished by enjoying record low temps and frost. Hope you have better weather.

    • daryan3093 says:

      Balmy 15 degrees this am. But it’s nice and sunny and projected to get warmer over the next couple of days. From the looks of your blog site, you like Topaz as much as I do. Fun stuff!

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