This is Spring? It’s March 31st for Goodness Sakes!!

Haven’t written anything for a couple of weeks because there hasn’t been much going on except rain. Which is rather unusual for this neck of the woods in Central Oregon. Almost similar to last year when winter hung around until May with lots of rain and snow up in the mountains.

Took the dog out around 8:30am and it was 42 degrees. Pleasant enough. Within an hour, the clouds opened up with rain, then slush, then a heavy blanket of snow. It’s still snowing three hours later!

I’m getting sort of sick and tired of taking photos with snow in them but what the heck, it’s supposed to be Springtime. I took this photo from the front porch.

And this photo was taken from my driveway looking at my “bird” tree. The face doesn’t seem to scare the birds away from the suet or feeder.

Well, not much more to say other than “Snow. Go Away”.  Talk with you all later.


P.S. It’s now 4 pm Pacific Daylight time. There is no evidence of snow around here whatsoever and the sun is out. You like crazy weather? Move to Central Oregon!!


7 comments on “This is Spring? It’s March 31st for Goodness Sakes!!

  1. danudin says:

    Love your concern for the wildlife that the feeders show and worrying about the Easter Bunny having to work in all that Snow Ah Spring!

  2. danudin says:

    Sorry Oregon Idaho was someone elses blog Lol Good Morning!

  3. John & Lois says:

    Your tree has the right idea about spring snow 🙂

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