It’s More Like Portland than Central Oregon Around Here Lately

Colorful little Grosbeaks

Whatever snow was lying around here is now melted. Rained all night and raining today. Mid-40’s. Guess I shouldn’t complain. I could be out riding my ATV with the plow on it doing neighbors driveways. Neighbors? I don’t have any. One lives in Portland and the other lives a 150 miles west of here in a town called Stayton. Full time neighbors are few and inbetween here. I’ve got more elk here than neighbors. And here we left a small college town in So. Cal that had lots of people to talk with?  No elk, though.

My wife has a new appreciation for HGTV, the Food Channel, and CNN. That’s all that is ever on the boob tube around here. Oh, and Nate Berkus in the morning.

Oh well, back to looking at and categorizing my photos. Or I could just look out the window at the rain and birds!


2 comments on “It’s More Like Portland than Central Oregon Around Here Lately

  1. hmca14 says:

    Sounds like your move might be a recent one and you will be experiencing some incredible wildlife. I have only just found your blog but will look forward to seeing what else Nature brings your way. Beautiful birds…….against a wonderfully blurred background.

  2. daryan3093 says:

    I moved here from So. Calif nearly 8 years ago. Wildlife in this area is abundant. Besides the birds, I’ve got lots of deer and elk. And none of them are afraid of anything.

    Thanks for all your comments. I’ve been remiss recently in updating this blog. Weather is blah, snow is gone, and we don’t normally have a Spring. Boring!

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