The Ides of March

Late winter along the Deschutes River

Monday, March 5, 2010

Had about a foot of snow the other day around here. Something like a foot and a half up on Mt. Bachelor. Roads are all clear and most of it is melting. It’s been around 50 degrees the last couple of days but they say we might have some snow tonight. I won’t hold my breath!!

I’ve about had it with squirrels. Just replaced a bird suet feeder a week ago and I just saw where they’ve eaten away part of the lid again. I have a lifetime guarantee on it but I’m wondering if they’ll honor a second repair in such a short time. So it’s about time to get the BB gun out and keep those gray mongrels out of my feeders.

Not much going on with the photography hobby other than learning how to do a lot of post production work to photos. Gasoline is up to near $4.00 a gallon around here so driving around looking for photo shoots has to be shortened up a bit.

So I think I’ll just gaze out the window today and watch whats left of the snow melt!


6 comments on “The Ides of March

  1. Just saw your post at the Village and have added you to my reader. Welcome!

  2. Danudin says:

    I think you will get more followers once people from the village add you to their subscriptions and WHEN YOU POST SOME PHOTOS Email me if you need a hand,

  3. hmca14 says:

    Just found your blog… have some great images on here!
    Love the wolves, the landscapes and the different painterly techniques you have used. For the EV blog, you might want to contact Ron about posting your pictures….sorry to say I know nothing about WP and as a first time blogger haven’t figured out all the options that blogger has to offer. Good luck…once you get going I think you’ll find it fun!

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