No News Is Good News(?)

Thursday, Feb. 23rd

Not much has gone on around here. Snowfall hasn’t been much, maybe some 8″ in total for the winter so far. Up on Mt. Bachelor yesterday, the wind was so bad, they never even opened the ski lifts. And it was snowing pretty heavy. It’s only about 25 miles from us, but we get the shadow effect of the mountains to cut down on snowfall. No snow!

Very bright and sunny today. But a little chilly this morning, around 21. Hasn’t slowed down the goofy gray squirrels. I think they’ve been eating pine cones again and the sap is making them act crazy.

Photography has slowed down. You can only photograph the same stuff so much!! Gas prices affecting travel. It’s still cheaper than L.A. but it’s around $3.60 a gallon for unleaded except at the local Shell station in the resort. That crook is bilking the tourists at $4.09 a gallon.

Hope everyone is doing well. We’ll see ya down the road!

Take Care

Wandering around Central Oregon (Christmas Valley) when I saw this herd of antelope. Anyone who has had to opportunity of seeing these beautiful animals knows that you are really lucky if you can get within a 1/2 mile of them let alone trying to take a picture of them. It’s the best I could do with a 300mm lense. (Added a little artzy flavor, Topaz, to the photo as well.)