A Brown Christmas

Well, no change in the weather up here. Still in low teens for the morning and mid-40’s for daytime temps. And the kicker is no snow predicted at least until New Year’s. My ATV/snowplow is ready though when it does come down in buckets!!

The animals are still around. A deer walked in front of the house yesterday and the elk are still out back. A neighbor’s outdoor camera has recorded several coyotes around and the foreman of the ranch behind us says he’s seen cougar tracks around. You’d think we live out in the country? I guess we do.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Around Oregon, Seattle, Alaska and A Little Side Trip To Arizona

Sunrise over Juneau, Alaska

Around Oregon, Seattle, Alaska and A Little Side Trip To Arizona.

If you click on this title, you’ll see all of my photos I’ve posted on this blog. Of course, there are a few more thousand but it sure takes time to put them all in.

Nothing New Here . . . .

Haven’t had much input from anyone about this site. Of course, it is new and I’m just getting it out to friends. So, I’ll just keep plugging along. Besides, it’s too cold here to go outside. I mean it’s been down to the low teens and less with no more thast 45 degrees high during the day. And there are no clouds in the sky. Just lots of sun!!

Hello world!

Hello Everyone!

This is my first attempt to establish some type of blog. Yeah, I know it’s the 21st Century, but hey, I’m 66 years old. Give me some slack.

I need some type of vehicle to put out examples of my hobby – photography – and it looks like this may be the one. So without anymore fanfare or drum roll, off into the sunset I go!

P.S.- That’s me and my dog Scooter. He’s a three legged Labradoodle and my best friend!! We were up around the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River and he wanted to see what it looked like. Just a lot of cement with some water around it.


Two Fine Lads